The Encyclopedia of Seerah

A magnificent work of reference

A magnificent work of reference

With 8 volumes, published from 1985 to 1992, the Encyclopaedia of Seerah was a unique approach to the study of the Seerah of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), with emphasis on the lifestyle of the Prophet. Covering all aspects of his life, as a messenger, and educator, a military leader, a ruler, a statesman, and above all as a man.

In the course of following Muhammad's (peace be upon him) life in these various roles, we gain a valuable insight into many aspects of Islamic society.

My community is commanded to take my words and obey my commands and follow my sunnah.
Muhammad ﷺ

Over the years

Over the years

The 8 volumes of the Encyclopaedia are no longer in print. Contact us directly for more details.

Originally each of the first 7 Volumes was published in green, red and brown hardback only, with each volume having approx 800-900 pages. They were also later published in paperback in limited quantities. The 8th and final volume was only available as a green hard cover book.

The compiler of the Encyclopaedia of Seerah, Afzalur Rahman, was content with having published 8 volumes, but after his death in 1998, a 9th volume was found.

Foreign translations

Foreign translations

Over the years the Encyclopedia has been translated into many languages including Turkish, Malay and Indonesian.

These editions are not published by the Seerah Foundation. They are translated and printed by other parties and are still available around the world.

New editions

New editions?

We are still looking in to the possibility of reprinting the Encyclopedia of Seerah. If it happens it will likely be a completely new and revised edition.

Sometime in 2017 we hope to release all 8 volumes, plus the unpublished 9th volume of the Encyclopedia, for Kindle and iTunes. Join our Mailing list or Like our Facebook page for the latest updates on the Encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia of Seerah for Children

Encyclopedia of Seerah for Children

In 1994 the Seerah Foundation published the first volume of the Encyclopaedia of Seerah for children. With photos, diagrams and illustrations on every page, it is a great resource for young Muslims.
Contact us for availability.

Manuscripts for a further 4 volumes of the Childrens Encyclopedia (Volumes 2-5) that were written by Afzalur Rahman have been found. Interest has been expressed by the public regarding more volumes in this series, so it is our hope in sha Allah to one day publish them, though there are no immediate plans.

All those who listen to me shall pass on my words to others and those to others again;
and may the last ones understand my words better than those who listen to me directly.
Muhammad ﷺ

Encyclopedia of Seerah F.A.Q.

Some common enquiries made to the Seerah Foundation

Only a limited number of Volumes are directly available from us. New green hard cover Encyclopedia Volumes 3, 4, 5 and 7 are in stock.
If you urgently need other Volumes of the Encyclopedia, some are available as paperback, miscoloured or damaged volumes.
Contact us directly for more details.
We hope it will be reprinted one day in sha Allah, however we have no information on when it will happen.
The Encyclopedia (Volumes I-IX) will be available as ebooks to download, like our other books, in 2017 in sha Allah.

Join our Mailing list below or Like our Facebook page for the latest updates on the Encyclopedia.
Our old office at 78 Gillespie Road London N5 1LN is a postal address only! We have no office or bookshop.
Our other books are now available online as ebooks or you can order them as print on demand books.

Children's books from StoneFaruq are available from Kube Publishing and other Islamic book shops, or you can contact us directly for bulk orders.
Yes. in sha Allah.
Currently only Volume 1 is available to buy, but Afzalur Rahman wrote 3 or 4 more volumes. There is still a lot of work involved to get these manuscripts into finished Volumes ready for printing so we currently have no release date for when this project will be completed.

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