Jamia Masjid Reconstruction

Donate and give sadaqah to the Mosque Building Fund for Jamia Masjid. Help construct a house of Allah in a rural community near Peshawar in Pakistan. Build a mosque in this world and build your palace in Jannah.

Reconstruction of the Jamia Masjid is underway.
Help restore this masjid to the community in Hassan Zai

When complete, the expanded masjid will be able to hold more than 1000 worshippers and have a second floor where they can hold a madrassah for children

Only Masjid in the Village

Jamia Masjid is the only masjid in a village called Hassan Zai, near Peshawar. When the foundations of the old masjid started sinking cracks appeared in some walls, making the place unsafe for its many worshippers. The masjid had to close, leaving the community with no space for Congregational Prayer.

Rebuilding and Expanding

They began demolishing the wall to rebuild it but realised it would be better to rebuild the entire masjid, giving it an increased capacity over a thousand worshippers, and adding a new hall upstairs where a Madrassah will be held. Enabling them to better serve the community.

Build a masjid in this world...

SEERAH FOUNDATION have already contributed £1500 toward the building costs, but there is still a long way to go. Help restore a central and important place for the community in Hassan Zai. Build a masjid in this world, build your palace in Jannah.

Donate to Build this Masjid

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