Turkey Earthquake Appeal

Operating from a base in Gaziantep, Turkey; we will be carrying out humanitarian
work at the worst hit zones of the earthquake, in Kahramanmaras and Hatay.
Help us to give food and shelter to the victims of this disaster. DONATE NOW!

Due to the devastating earthquake in Turkey, a team of humanitarian professionals will visit the earthquake zone to assist with the relief operation.

The aim is to deliver critical humanitarian assistance consisting of medical supplies, food, water, winter clothing and/or whatever the need is at the time. The situation is desperate as victims have lost quite literally everything and 1.5 million people are homeless. We are working with local charities and NGOs to ensure support is provided most accurately.

Time is critical, the need is urgent.

  • £30 could provide blankets for six people to keep them warm
  • £50 could provide emergency food for two families for 10 days
  • £100 could provide emergency shelter for four families
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