Coaching Services

Seerah Foundation is commited to transforming people's lives by creating sustainable improvements leading to a more purposeful, rewarding and happier life. We offer coaching services that addresses and resolves finance and mental health issues. These services include career coaching and personal finance management services.

Career Coaching Services

Career Coaching services are provided to improve people’s employability and lead to more people finding employment that is more aligned with their values, strengths and passion. Our services are focused for people who are currently unemployed and are struggling to find a job.

We currently have not started to provide this service yet but we recommend Sohaib Basir who has also coached us in growing our charity organization. Making a real difference to our productivity and ambition.

Please see Sohaib's details below: Sohaib Basir, Founder and CEO, Basir Coaching and Consulting (BCC).

You can book a free initial career coach session with him by going to this link.

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