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Only a limited number of Volumes are directly available from us. New green hard cover Encyclopedia Volumes 2, 3, and 5 are in stock.
If you urgently need other Volumes of the Encyclopedia, some are available as paperback, miscoloured or damaged volumes.
The only way to buy a complete set now is the ebook versions. Contact us directly for more details.
We hope it will be reprinted one day in sha Allah, however we have no information on when it will happen.
The Encyclopedia (Volumes 1-9) are now available as ebooks to download, like our other books.

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Yes. in sha Allah.
Afzalur Rahman wrote more volumes, which need checking an revising. There is still a lot of work involved to get these manuscripts into finished Volumes ready for printing so we currently have no release date for when this project will be completed.
There are no immediate plans to publish any Children's books.
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No. Our 78 Gillespie Road (London N5 1LN) address is a mailing address only! We have no office or bookshop.
Our books are available online as ebooks, but for limited stock of other books contact us directly for availability.
The Seerah Foundation is making available all books published in the past by it's founder Afzalur Rahman, some of which were originally published by other organisations, including The Muslim Schools Trust.
These books include the Economic Doctrines of Islam 1-4, Prayer: It's significance and benefits, Quranic Sciences, Islam Ideology and Way of Life, Liberty: Readings in Islamic Political Philosophy, and more. The Seerah Foundation has also published the Encyclopedia of Seerah Vol I-VIII, and more recently, books for children.
All past publications by Afzalur Rahman are now available online from us. Contact us directly for stock availability of the Encyclopedia of Seerah.
Children's books from StoneFaruq are available from Islamic Foundation, or you can contact us for bulk orders.
Not usually, but contact us
to see if we currently do. We are currently not publishing many books ourselves so we are not able to consider publishing books by other authors or use other illustrators at this time.

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A Bedouin asked: What are the best deeds in the eyes of Allah?
The Prophet(saws) replied: Gentle manners, modesty and patience in adversity.
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