The Children's Encyclopædia of Seerah

Building the Love of our Prophet Muhammadﷺ with the FIRST EVER Children's Encyclopædia of Seerah

Example Spread from Volume 4 - Living by the Example of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Example Spread from Volume 2 - The Perfect Character of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

An Encyclopædia for Children

We are working to complete the world's first Children's Encyclopædia of Seerah.
A modern illustrated resource on our Prophet, Muhammadﷺ. Written and produced for children of all ages to learn from, enjoy, and benefit.

Our children are the next leaders of our Ummah. We need to pass on the same values, the lessons, and the love of our Prophetﷺ to all of them.

The Perfect Example to Follow

This Encyclopædia will be a set of 4 volumes, each with over 80 pages with hundreds of full colour illustrations, diagrams, maps and photos, detailing the life and lessons of our Prophetﷺ. His manners, his conduct, his achievements, and his example for how to lead our lives.

"You have a good model in the Messenger of Allah for one who hopes for Allah and the Last Day."
- Quran 33:21

For the Love of Our Prophet

Your donations will help educate thousands of children today, and generations more, who will cherish these books and become the future leaders of our Ummah.

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Whoever takes a path upon which to obtain knowledge, Allah makes the path to Paradise easy for him. [Tirmidhi:264]
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