Muhammadﷺ Encyclopædia of Seerah

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A magnificent work of reference

A magnificent work of reference

With 8 volumes published from 1985 to 1992, each numbering almost a thousand pages, the Encyclopædia of Seerah was a unique approach to the study of the Seerah of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).

It is a wealth of knowledge for Muslims and Non-Muslims to learn about the last and final Messenger that God sent to mankind. The series covers the lifestyle of the Prophet, covering all aspects of his life, as a messenger, and educator, a military leader, a ruler, a statesman, and above all as a man.

In the course of following Muhammad's (peace be upon him) life in these various roles, we gain a valuable insight into many aspects of Islamic society. Learn about the greatest human being who ever lives in this extensive work.

My community is commanded to take my words
and obey my commands and follow my sunnah.


Digital Edition

Allhamdulilaah, Muhammadﷺ Encyclopædia of Seerah (Digital Edition) is available on Amazon Kindle, and also on Apple Books.

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New editions

Will it be reprinted?

The 8 volumes of the Encyclopædia are no longer in print, but we do have selected volumes available. Contact us directly for more details.

We are still looking in to the possibility of reprinting the Encyclopædia of Seerah. If it happens it will likely be a completely new, revised and renumbered edition.

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Muhammadﷺ Encyclopædia of Seerah for Children

In 1994 the Seerah Foundation published the first volume of the Encyclopædia of Seerah for children. This is the one and only 'Encyclopedia of Seerah' for children available consisting of photos, diagrams and illustrations on every page and is a great resource for young Muslims and new converts. This volume covers the Prophet Muhammad's biography and an analysis of his life including his lifestyle, his character and conduct towards people in all aspects of his life and his achievements making him a role model for all of humanity. It can be purchased here from the online book shop of our partners at Kube Publishing.
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Manuscripts for a several new volumes of the Childrens Encyclopædia, that were written by Afzalur Rahman before he passed away, have been found. It is our hope in sha Allah to one day revise these volumes into a new and expanded edition of Muhammadﷺ Encyclopædia of Seerah that is accessible and relevant to our youth.

Encyclopedia of Seerah for Children

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