Educate and Guide a generation of people to Allah in our digital age with Islamic Audiobooks

The Rise of Audiobooks

The use of audiobooks are growing at a rate of 20-25% per year. The gap in this market for Islamic knowledge is massive. We are converting our authentic Islamic books into audiobooks to fill this void, and provide easily accessible knowledge.

Hear the Call to Allah

More and more people are now switching from reading books to listening Audiobooks. People are listening while they travel, in the car, or at home before going to bed. Audiobooks are also highly beneficial for people with visual impairments.

Share Islam with Our Youth

Your donations will help us convert our Islamic books into audiobooks to meet the needs of people who want to understand and learn more about Islam. We need to share Islamic knowledge with today's youth. 48% of all audiobook listeners are under the age 35.

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