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Transform the Lives of 534 Million Spanish Speaking People Around the World!

Reaching Spanish Speakers

Please support us to meet the growing need of accessible and authentic Islamic material in Spanish, so we can reach the many speaking communities.
We are sharing the message of Islam to the 534 million Spanish speakers around the world by translating our Islamic books into Spanish.

534 Million Spanish Speakers

This is a golden opportunity to guide and educate potentially 534 Million people. Spanish is the second most native spoken language in the World. Even though the amount of Islamic material available in Spanish is very limited, the number of Spanish speakers accepting Islam is still increasing.

Share Islam - Grow Our Ummah

Your donations will guide, educate and transform Hispanic communities everywhere and you will get the reward of growing and raising an Ummah in Latin America and around the world.
Your contribution is a Sadaqah Jariyah for you. Help us share Islam and grow the Ummah.

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