Türkiye Earthquake Relief

Seerah Foundation was able to raise funds for a team of volunteers to travel to Türkiye and distribute much needed aid to victims of the Earthquake on 6th February 2023.

This was a central street in Antakya, where the aid was distributed.
Both sides have been almost completely destroyed.

Up to 1000 people died in this location where there was an apartment complex consisting of eight buildings.

Most mosques in the region suffered damage - particularly to the minarets - and were unsafe or unusable.
In spite of this some would still attend despite the dangers.

Hundreds of people queue up for food packages.
Each location was overseen by a village governor who ensured fair distribution.

Camps were set up by the Turkish government and various international domestic NGOs providing shelter for thousands, who would come like this daily to obtain essential supplies.
All public services were rendered non existent.

The Earthquake

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey on 6 Feb 2023. The death toll stands at 50,000 with 1.5 million made homeless. In light of this disaster, our team decided to assist and managed to support those affected by the earthquake. Over 3000 buildings in Antakya alone had collapsed and this is where we focussed our efforts.

Devastated City

The devastation in Antakya was complete. The entire city left was left uninhabitable. Since the majority of infrastructure had collapsed, supply routes compromised and all businesses shut, there and was a significant food shortage in the region. In consultation with local NGOs, our team provided food packages to victims in more remote areas. With the amount raised, team was able to purchase 880 food boxes to distribute in six villages near the city of Antakya.

Supporting the Ummah

Without our support, we were told it was likely that people in these villages would not receive assistance for a while. Everyone we came across from those affected to NGO workers were all deeply grateful that people from other parts of the world had remembered them in their time of need and donated to help alleviate their suffering. All of their gratitude must be conveyed to yourselves as donors and supporters who assisted and made this operation possible.
Jazak Allahu khairan.

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