Payroll Giving

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Payroll Giving is a way of giving money to charity without paying tax on it. Payroll Giving makes a big difference to small charities like us providing reliable and ongoing funds to execute our projects and continue transforming lives and communities.

This flexible scheme works by deducting your donation to Seerah Foundation directly from your salary tax-free which means every £1 you donate will only cost you 80p and 55p-60p if you’re a higher rate tax payer.

Under your employer's Payroll Giving scheme, charity donations are deducted from your gross salary before tax costing you less for every donation your give.

If your employer does not have a Payroll Giving scheme, they can easily set one up free of charge, simply by contacting a HMRC approved Payroll Giving Agency such as Charities Trust, Charities Aid Foundation and Charitable Giving.

Benefits of Payroll Giving

Most beloved deed to Allah

“The most beloved deed to Allah is the most consistent — even if it is small.” — Prophet Muhammadﷺ.

Payroll Giving enables you to perform the most beloved deed to Allah by donating consistently even if it is small that will transform lives and communities.

Most tax-efficient way to donate

The donation you make is tax-free to you as your chosen donation amount will come out of your salary (or pension) before it is taxed reducing your overall income tax liability.

Automated Recurring Payments

Payroll Giving provides consistent and automated recurring funds that will allows us to forecast our income and plan our projects to transform as many lives as possible.

Doubling your donations and impact to transform lives and communities

If your company has a donation matching scheme then this will double the impact of every £1 you donate.

Lowers our charity costs

Donations from you are made before tax. This means we don't need to claim Gift Aid from HMRC resulting in lowering our admin costs resulting in more funds to transform lives and communities.

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