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Seerah Foundation is proposing an essential initiative that aims to promote a deeper understanding of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ to the modern audience. Our team is developing a cutting-edge digital multimedia platform that will present the life-story of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ for today’s visually literate generation.
We need your help to support us in making it a reality.

Seerah Foundation is a respected organisation with a long-standing reputation for excellence and innovation in the field of Islamic education. Our legacy publication Muhammadﷺ Encyclopaedia of Seerah is one such example. Our team of distinguished educators, and professionals brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this project, ensuring its success in sha Allah.

Seerah Foundation's Core Vision for this Seerah Platform:
  • FREE, in-depth, feature rich, unique resource on Muhammadﷺ
  • Audio Narrations integrated into the platform with the text
  • Showcasing new curated art, illustrations, calligraphy, animation
  • Updated, and revised, content from the Encyclopædia of Seerah
  • Unlimited scope for foreign translations and audio narrations
  • Guided Learning to take the user on a journey through the Seerah
  • The potential to reach and benefit millions of people worldwide
  • Our ultimate goal is to create this online Encyclopedia of Seerah that is free to everyone, unique and in-depth in its content, comprehensive and feature-rich in its functionality. It will be a unique resource on Muhammadﷺ, and we believe it has the potential to reach and benefit countless individuals around the world and be an ongoing Sadaqa Jariyah for you and us, for many years to come.

    How users will access or interact with
  • Search engine results on anything related to Muhammadﷺ
  • Directly from (via App or website, from any device)
  • Read through it, as if it were still a set of encyclopedia volumes
  • Listen with Audio Narration, or listen and read it together
  • Smart Search, any content with words or Arabic terminology
  • Share sections as text, or images, or audio clips on social media
  • Learn, with a structured, guided, learning path through the Seerah
  • Receive bitesized parts regularly when you sign-up to our email list
  • This project is a unique endeavour, and an immense undertaking. Start your Sadaqa Jariyah now. Donate and Help Seerah Foundation to make a new, accessible, and definitive Seerah.

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